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Joysolar, Established in 1984
Biggest solar street light supplier in China.
Mainly manufacture solar street light, solar panel, light pole for wide range applications
Two factories, cover total area of 40,000 square meters
Multiple production line for solar panels, lamp pole, and LED street lamp
Annual manufacturing capacity of 15,000-20,000 sets

Professional engineering team, who keep researching to provide high quality solar street light and excellent
customer service.
Each component of solar street light is detected, integrated and configured very carefully , to ensure the most
economic, reliable and efficient solar powered lighting systems.
<strong>World Future Energy Summit 2016</strong>
World Future Energy Summit 2016

World Future Energy Summit 2016 18---21, Jan. 2016

  • Innovation, street light with Wifi,Charger!!
  • Street lights can be used as an electric vehicle charging pile, monitoring PM2.5 environmental equipment, and WiFi coverage in urban micro base station, convey information query system information, in addition to having traditional lighting function.

Senior engineer
1. According to customer demand analysis to grasp the design direction, industrial design for products,the performance of the master and sketch.
2.Familiar with photoshop, CAD operation skill, 3D software will operate, English level 4 above, large-scale industrial design and structural design experience is a plus.
joysolar China and Nigeria
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