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Product Specifications
1. Electrical property: LED street lights work under rated power supply voltage and rated frequency, the difference between actually consumed power and rated power should not be more than 10 %.
2. Protection grade: LED street light’s protection grade should not be less than IP65.
3. Average lifetime: LED street light’s rated average lifetime should not be less than 50000h.
4. Maximum temperature: LED street light’s rated maximum temperature TC value should not be greater than 58℃.
5. Maximum heat sink temperature: LED Tube Lamp’s maximum heat sink temperature should not be greater than 65℃.
6. Immunity to interference: The voltage protection level against surge suppression (lightning resistance) should not be less than 2 kV ( line - line ) and 4kV ( line -ground).
7. Light distribution characteristics: When some LED lights go off or the intensity of the whole lamp is dimmered, the spot shape and the pavement illuminance uniformity should not significantly change.

product summary
LED lamp cap is a transparent shade made from mold injection of polycarbonate with high strength and good translucency; using LED as the light source, and LED is light emitting diodes which have the characteristics of high efficiency and long lifetime. At present, the lamp is shaping up as a mainstream lighting product of new generation.
1. Using high-purity aluminum lamp housing and heat sink; high intensity tempered glass cover; high power LED light source; high efficiency constant current source;
2. Using single powerful LED light source;
3. The first radiator and lamp shell integration design, LED is closely connected to the shellwhich dissipates the heat through air convection and cooling wing to guarantee a service life of 50,000 hours for LED lights. Calculated on the basis of working 12 hours a day, its lifetime is more than 10 years with very low maintenance costs;
4. The die-casting aluminum alloy housing can dissipate heat effectively and is waterproof and dustproof. The surface of lamp has received anti-corrosion and anti-UV treatment. The overall lighting complies with IP65 standard.
5. The use of monomer ellipse reflector design, targeted to control the light emitted by the LED in the range needed to improve the uniformity and energy efficiency of the luminescence effect of the lamps and to highlight the energy-saving advantage of LED street lights. Compared with traditional sodium lights, it can save more than 70% of electricity;
6. No adverse glare, no strobe. Eliminate the dazzling, the visual fatigue and interference caused by adverse glare of ordinary street lights to improve the driving safety;...
7.Low voltage, its advantages are: ① not like ordinary street lamp which leads to black shade because of dust absorption as a result of high pressure, ② safe and reliable;
8. Low temperature, LED light is a cold light source with good heat dissipation. Its operating temperature is below 60 ℃, so it will not cause aging yellow shade;
9. Start without delay, it reaches the normal brightness once powered without waiting, eliminating the long start process of traditional street lights;
10. Impact resistance, seismic resistance, no filament and glass shell, no fragmentation problem of the traditional lighting;
11. High color rendering index, color is good. Color rendering is more real, more vivid;
12. A variety of color temperatures are available. Different occasions to meet different requirements for color temperature;
13. Wide input voltage, PWM constant current technology, high efficiency, low heat, high precision constant current;
14. No pollution to grid. Power factor ≥0.9. Harmonic distortion ≤20%;
15. Intelligent control, constant current drive, power can be adjusted as necessary to achieve intelligence. MCU combined with conventional power converters to realize intelligent control of high-power LED light source: light control + time control + automatic power adjustment (auto-dimming);
16. Light and thin appearance can effectively reduce wind resistance and load on the poles and can enhance the safety factor;
17. Environment friendly; no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no environmental pollution;
18. It is an excellent partner of solar panels to give full play to LED’s advantages of working under DC low voltage and energy saving. The combination of solar panels and LED light can achieve the best cost performance and the high reliability for our customers.

Light Distribution curve and illuminance