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product summary
1.Now the solar light pole mainly adopts the high quality low carbon steel Q235A (type B), the silicon content of the steel is not higher than 0.04%, after a large bending machine bending forming, straightness error is less than 0.05%, of the light pole according to 36.9 m/s wind resistance grade 11 above design, anti seismic intensity of 8 level.
2.Total X m high, diameter for Xmm, diameter for Xmm, wall thickness Xmm.At the bottom of the light pole with flange, flange mounting holes for Ø X, through the anchor bolt is installed on the base.(X for the user to set parameters, or by the company according to the conventional configuration)
3.Light pole welding method for automatic submerged arc welding, the welding is reliable, smooth surface, no obvious welding defects such as porosity, flash, bite edge, ultrasonic flaw detection, reaches the GBl1345 Ⅱ level standards.
4.Hot dip galvanized steel rod embalmed using inside and outside, galvanized process after washing, phosphating, pickling, galvanizing, passivation process, such as galvanized layer surface is smooth and beautiful, luster, wrinkled skin, flow drop and zinc tumor, peeling, spots, surface defects such as existence of Yin and Yang, the zinc layer thickness reach more than 86 um, meet the national standard GB/T13912-92, accord with the requirement of GB2694-88 zinc coating adhesion, anti-corrosion life more than 30 years.
5.Light pole electrostatic pensu (color optional) after hot dip galvanized, plastic spraying before grinding to increase adhesion, strict control of curing time and temperature during the process of plastic spraying, plastic layer uniform, smooth, no pores.1 ooum ≧ coating thickness, adhesion level GB9286-880, smooth surface, hardness ≧ 2 h.