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Product description
1. Efficient polycrystalline cells and highly transparent toughened glass are the effective guarantee for the conversion efficiency of solar panels, which not only reduce the installation cost of photovoltaic power system, but also increase the system capacity per unit area.
2. Solar panel’s power tolerance of ± 3% guarantees the power of solar panel received by the customer, reduces the power loss caused by the mismatch of power and improves the system output performance so as to bring customers more benefits.4. 5-year product warranty, no less than 90% of the nominal output power for 10 years, no less than 80% of the nominal output power for 25 years.

Product Composition
Solar panels are made of monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon solar cells connected in series-paralle and hot sealed with toughened glass, EVA and TPT and equipped with aluminum alloy frame. It has the characteristics of wind resistance, strong hail resistance, easy installation, etc. and is widely used in solar lighting, lamps and lanterns, household electricity supply, highway transportation, construction, photovoltaic power plants and other fields.

1. Toughened glass Low-iron toughened glass (also known as white glass) has common thickness of 3.2mm or 4mm, light transmission rate in the wavelength range of solar spectral response (320-1100NM) over 90% and higher reflectivity rate for infrared light of more than 1200NM. This glass also resists to ultraviolet radiation without reducing light transmittance. Toughened performance in line with the national standard GB9963-88, or after packaged can meet performance indicators specified in GB9535-88 Environmental test methods for ground silicon solar cells.

2. EVA EVA is a hot melt adhesive with thickness between 0.4mm ~ 0.6mm, smooth surface, uniform thickness, containing a crosslinking agent. Not adhesive at room temperature and has resistance to bond. After a certain adjustment of chemical valence and hot press, it will melt, adhere, crosslink and solidify and become completely transparent. EVA cured can withstand atmospheric changes and become resilient. It envelopes the cells and is integrated with the upper protective layer of glass and the lower protective back material (TPT, BBF, etc.) using a vacuum laminating technology. On the other hand, after adhering to the glass, it can increase the light transmittance of the glass and improve the output of the solar panel.
3. Solar cells Solar cell is the minimum unit of the photoelectric conversion. Solar cell’s operating voltage is about 0.5V. It generally can’t be used alone as a power source. After putting the solar cells in series-parallel and packaged to become solar panels, its power is generally a few watts to 200 watts or more, so it, can be used alone as a power source.
4. Backboard Backboard is the protective material for the back of the solar panels, generally made of TPT, BBF, DNP and so on. These protective materials have good resistance to environmental corrosion and insulation capability, and can be well bonded with EVA. The backboard’s cover, the fluorine plastic film, is white, which can reflect the sun, so the efficiency of the solar panels is slightly improved, and thanks to its high infrared emissivity, it can also reduce the working temperature of the solar panels, which also improves the efficiency. The fluorine plastic film can meet the basic requirements of aging resistance, corrosion resistance, air tightness and so on for the packing of solar panels.

5. Junction Box Junction box shell is generally made of ABS with anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet radiation agents, which can ensure that the solar panels be used outdoors for more than 25 years without aging fracture phenomena. The wiring terminal is made of the high conductivity copper with nickel plating on outside surface, which can ensure the reliability of the electric conduction and electrical connection. Junction box is sticked to the back surface with silicone adhesive.

6. Aluminum frame The frame made of hard aluminum alloy with a surface oxide layer thicker than 10 microns can guarantee the use of more than 25 years in outdoor environment without corrosion, but keeping strong and durable.

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