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Qingdao Joysolar lamping Co.,ltd

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PRODUCT NAME:All-in-one solar street light

Features & Benefits

1. Easy installation. No expensive underground wiring costs.

2. New generation Life-P04 lithium-ion battery with up to 5 years effective life and longer autonomy times.

3. ‘Motion Sensor’ automatically regulates light output to save battery power, change from dim mode(1/3) to full brightness upon motion detection

4. IP65 Rated for all types of applications including marine areas.

5. MPPT controller can automatically adjust the output power based on weather changes, comparing to PWM controller, Charging efficiency increase 16% to 30%. 

6. 3 years warranty on LED, Solar panel and body. 

MPPT controller and PWM controller Charging efficiency comparison:


’smart eye’s motion sensor
built-inpassive Infrared Motion Sensor automatically regulates light output

 LED Lamp

Choice of either ‘Symmetrical’ or ‘Asymmetrical’ lighting distribution

 Power Management Controller

Regulates and protects power to lamp and battery packs


Lithium lorn phosphate(LiFePO4) New generation ‘Lithium iron phosphate’ (LFP) batteries offers 3 times more storage and power capacity versus traditional Lead Acid batteries

 Adjustable Bracket

3position adjustment to maximise solar exposure

 Solar Module

Mono Crystalline Silicon P.V Module,highly efficient andtolerant to heat providing more output on a  smaller footprint